Stand Together to Beat Coronavirus

Date: 14 March 2020

World YMCA joins forces with Global Citizen and WHO

Dear YMCA Family and friends,

 The COVID-19 is now in pandemic proportions, and has had a reverberating effect on all of us, both professionally and personally. We know that many of you have been directly affected.

 With COVID-19 cases now present in more than 100 countries and the spread declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s never been clearer: we are all Global Citizens, and must fight for a world with good health for all.

 World YMCA is joining forces and supporting the campaigns launched by Global Citizen and the World Health Organization (WHO) in tackling the COVID-19 challenges. The WHO has just launched a special fund designed to raise money specifically for the COVID-19 response, estimating that it needs at least $675M through April for response and readiness efforts.

 You can directly donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund here: .

 You can also find other ways to take action now at at .

 We are asking Global Citizens everywhere to lend their voice to call on world leaders, corporations, and individuals to support the WHO by making contributions.

 And we need your help to activate citizens to take steps to solve this health crisis.

 Three things you can do right now to stop the spread of coronavirus:

  1. Help us mobilize individuals to fund the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which was just launched by the WHO.
  2. Volunteer for local initiatives in tackling COVID-19, such as efforts to safely support those who are being isolated or put in quarantine with deliveries or essentials.
  3. Remind your friends and colleagues to practice good handwashing techniques and follow social distancing rules. Stay home as much as you can to limit exposure and work from home if possible.

Together we can make an incredible impact at a time when the world desperately needs it.