Stories of Empowerment – Ibrahim Mobarak

Date: 14 March 2012

IBRAHIM MOHAMMAD MAHMOUD MOBARAK from Dar-Salah village of Bethlehem Government has joined the EJ-YMCA programs in 2004 through the Youth to Youth Initiative project. The project funded by DFID and implemented by EJ-YMCA in association with CODA International (UK Based organization).

As a volunteer, Ibrahim attended a series of capacity building training courses mainly youth leadership courses which equipped him with the needed skills to lead, plan, design and implement youth-related activities in Bethlehem and over West Bank governments. Ibrahim demonstrated a leadership characteristics that enabled him to lead YMCA Bethlehem Youth group established to carry out the project’s activities. He was elected by his peers as the group leader / coordinator. During the project’s life (3 years), Ibrahim became a well-known leader in serving and enhancing the youth role in the local community. He led various activities in different areas such as sport, culture, humanitarian, art and entertainment activities. By the end of the project he was elected in his own village as the head of the “Nibras Association” (community based organization).

The new status, provide him with more opportunities to serve his peers and local community at large.

In 2011 he was awarded as the activist volunteer in Palestine. The Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad has awarded him the trophy in a big celebration attended by several youth organization in Palestine.

Ibrahim always confirms that EJ-YMCA Youth to Youth Project was his birthplace as a youth leader. He witnesses many times and expressed his gratitude to the role of the EJ-YMCA in equipping him with the needed verbal and practical skills and values that triggered his energy.