The Untold Story…

Date: 23 December 2014

One of the most shared stories in the world, is the story about a young family traveling on a donkey around Christmas time. The woman is pregnant, and the time for childbirth is coming. There is no room available in the hostel, and the little family takes refuge in a stable of some sort, probably a cave with animals in it. Among animals and under the shining stars a little baby is born. And the rest is, as they say – history. The most famous story of all history! The birth of Jesus Christ.

Before and after that famous story there are millions of untold stories about young people in similar crisis. We believe that Jesus came to this earth to make untold stories told. He came to empower the helpless and to set free those who has no chance and to give life, life in fullness, to all those people inside the untold stories.

Untold stories are being told in 12000 local YMCAs to empower Young People.
Remembering a young couple in a very critical and difficult situation with a newborn baby, I wish everybody a blessed Christmas!

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General
World YMCA