Third Ignite Show highlights Vision 2030 work around the world

Date: 06 September 2023

The third edition of the YMCA Ignite Show aired live on Wednesday, 6 September 2023 and connected presenters and viewers worldwide.

Broadcast live on the World YMCA Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and YouTube channels, the Ignite Show drew viewers from Sri Lanka, the United States, the Cayman Islands, Japan, and Nigeria, to name just a few. The show’s content was equally diverse, showcasing YMCA Vision 2030 initiatives in countries like Moldova, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil, and beyond. María Fernanda Giraldo (Mafe) from the YMCA Latin American and Caribbean Alliance and Kevin Kapeke from The Y Australia returned as hosts.

World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee likened our YMCA Vision 2030 progress to a journey via airplane.

“We built the plane two years back, and one year ago, we launched it”, he said. “Today, we are airborne and flying. Pretty soon, we’ll start serving drinks because we are moving steadily”.

You can catch the replay here.

A few show highlights:

YMCA Athlone (South Africa)

The YMCA in Cape Town is positively impacting Community Wellbeing through its Stigma Discrimination Reduction Project. Their goal is to combat the stigma surrounding HIV and advocate for better healthcare for community members through outreach and open dialogue.

Change Agent Victoria Muller (YMCA Brazil)

Victoria has been part of the YMCA since she was just four years old. She has evolved from a young participant to a student and now, a leader. This year, she joined the Change Agent program with an interest in understanding the global YMCA’s potential for growth. In Brazil, YMCA initiatives are particularly focused on contributing to a Sustainable Planet, including projects like the installation of solar panels to power communities.

YMCA Moldova

Collaborating with HP and operating through its Digital Community Hubs, YMCA Moldova is providing access to digital equipment and courses to help young people and communities find Meaningful Work. One young person who benefited from the hub’s computers said, “I was excited because these computers are of high quality, and it’s cool because you can accomplish all your tasks here. Plus, you can work from here if you can’t work from home.”

The momentum is building around Meaningful Work through new initiatives:

  • Y’s Men funded the mapping of the world of digital equity programmes in the YMCA, which are already underway in over 40 countries.
  • The YMCA has worked with Accenture and an advisory group of partners and YMCA people to plot an end-to-end path of what every young person needs from the YMCA in the world of work. See the report here.
  • Deloitte Australia will be mapping the rapidly evolving employment and entrepreneurship landscape for young people. This effort, championed by the Y Australia, will identify how, where, and when the YMCA can make the most impact.

Secretary General Carlos Sanvee

Closing the show, Carlos reflected on a year since the Movement-wide adoption of Vision 2030. He answered viewers’ questions, including one about what has surprised him over the past year, for better or worse. Said Carlos: "If Vision 2030 is a three-course meal, people don't want the appetizer; they just want the main meal. People want to dive into the work. When I travel and visit YMCAs, I see this work happening all over. The way everyone embraces it and moves forward is beyond expectation”.

We invite you to explore the replay and stay tuned for more updates on YMCA Vision 2030. Please let us know if you have a project to share from your YMCA.