Kampala Principles – 1973

Adopted at the 6th World Council of YMCAs, Kampala, Uganda – 1973


The Kampala Principles

The 6th World Council meeting in Kampala, Uganda, in July 1973, adopted at the same time the following declaration of principles:

The Paris Basis expresses that Christ is the centre of the Movement, which is conceived as a world-wide fellowship uniting Christians of all confessions. It is consistent with an open membership policy, involving people irrespective of faith as well as age, sex, race and social condition. The Basis is not designed to serve as a condition of individual YMCA membership, which is deliberately left to the discretion of constituent movements of the World Alliance. The Basis makes clear that the constituent movements of the Alliance have full freedom to express their purpose in other terms designed to correspond more directly to the needs and aspirations of those whom they are seeking to serve, provided these are regarded by the World Alliance as being consistent with the Paris Basis. Recognising the character of the YMCAs in the world today, this act of acknowledging the Paris Basis places upon the various associations and their members as fellow workers with God such imperatives as:

1. To work for equal opportunity and justice for all.

2. To work for and maintain an environment in which relationships among people are characterised by love and understanding.

3. To work for and maintain conditions, within the YMCA and in society, its organisations and institutions, which allow for honesty, depth and creativity.

4. To develop and maintain leadership and programme patterns which exemplify the varieties and depth of Christian experience.

5. To work for the development of the whole person.