With greater Y capacity comes greater Y responsibility: the story of Alvin KAN

Date: 24 February 2012

With greater Y capacity comes greater Y responsibility: the story of Alvin KAN

Already has the world too much political, societal, economic instability and conflict. To Alvin’s understanding, YMCA is a good place for everyone with young hearts and young dreams to spread love and care; to share knowledge and idea; to bring peace and positive changes.

YMCA is another home for Alvin. He grew up in the service centres of the two local YMCAs in Hong Kong. “I learnt swimming in the pool of YMCA, later competed in school swimming galas,” said Alvin. No different from other school kids in Hong Kong, he enjoyed playing Chinese billiard and table tennis in YMCA. Until Alvin participated in the 1st Youth Leadership Development (YLD) of YMCA of Hong Kong in 2001, he gradually took up leadership roles, later became the deputy head boy. YMCA equips him with whole-person capacity.

When Alvin was asked about why he was involved in YMCA, he answered with “worldwide neighborhood and local integrated services”. His venture of setting up Campus YMCA in universities in Hong Kong started soon after the Earthquake in China in 2008, when Alvin returned from his study in Germany and participated in fund-raising services. YMCA gathers young people with the same concern to our neighbours, and provides great opportunities to work out our plans. “My friends and I are always thankful of helping in Sichuan Doll Social Enterprise. With the support of different circles of the Y communities, three Campus Y clubs now each initiated their own global citizenship programmes to make real changes—forming and reconstructing schools, libraries and homes in Hong Kong and overseas.”

YMCA has brought responsibility into his life. Alvin is now a council member of the Council of YMCAs in Hong Kong and also a practising architecture professional. The Y can be an effective peace-making platform to bring together young people to discuss and interact on socially-sensitive or even -conflicting topics, especially when there are so many hot issues between countries and regions. There is great possibility for young people in the Y to take up more active roles and spread love and care in our communities. With greater Y capacity comes greater Y responsibility.