World AIDS Day

Date: 01 December 2011

World AIDS Day is observed globally on 1st December every year to raise awareness, remember those who have passed on, and recognize advancements such as increased access to information, treatment, and prevention services.

The global theme for 2011 World AIDS Day is ‘Getting to Zero’. The global fight against AIDS has now reached 30 years. This year the global community committed to focus on greater access to treatment for all. It also calls upon governments to keep the commitments they have made to fight the deadly disease.

YMCAs around the world have been addressing HIV/AIDS at local, national and global levels. YMCA actions range from peer education programmes to research and public advocacy, all focused on the specific needs of young people, women, and children.

The World Alliance of YMCAs encourages YMCA National Movements to join the global community in the observance of World AIDS Day 2011.

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