World Week of Prayer: Cultivating love and hope

Date: 27 August 2023

The annual YWCA-YMCA World Week of Prayer, first observed in 1904, will be held on 12–18 November 2023. Its theme is ‘From seed to blossom’: Cultivating hope and love. Taking inspiration from Nature, we try to capture the essence of our collective journey toward positive change, unity, and resilience. We hope it resonates with communities and inspires them to cultivate hope and love in their lives and across generations.

Sub-themes for the World Week of Prayer are built around the theme and include ‘Nourishing the ground’, ‘Sowing the seeds’, ‘Tending with care’, ‘Watching over growth’, ‘Pruning for resilience’, and ‘Harvesting the fruits’.

Readings and reflections will explore these themes, and a booklet containing narratives will be published soon.

See our Week of Prayer page to learn more about the history and previous years’ themes and observances.