World YWCA/YMCA Week of Prayer and World Fellowship 2018

Date: 02 November 2018

World YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer 2018

For over a century, the YWCA and YMCA movements have issued a joint call to pray in the month of November as an important reminder of the spiritual vision that drives their efforts to create a better world for all people. The week presents an opportunity for the YWCA and YMCA movements to pray and act together on a shared issue with members around the world. Each year, the YWCA and the YMCA take turns to lead on the preparation of a booklet as a resource for prayer and a reflection guide with a selected theme inspired on the work and efforts done by both organisations.

For 2018, after a YMCA World Council full of energy and youth empowerment, the YMCA is leading on the development of the booklet under the theme:  “Youth Empowerment for Good”.

The World Week of Prayer is November 11-17, 2018.

Now Available in English, Spanish, French and German