YMCA eDU Hubs powered by Accenture connect communities

Date: 17 March 2024

In communities affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine and its ripple effects into the neighbouring countries of Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova, the YMCA Refugee Skilling and Support programme is making a difference.

The YMCA Europe initiative supported by Accenture Foundation enables eDU Hubs and Mobile Youth Centres to offer vital services. These range from digital and employability skill development to legal advice and mental health support, connecting and uplifting communities. For more information on the programme, visit YMCA Europe’s website.  

Here is a look at early 2024 highlights: 

Engaging young people in Slovakia

Young people sitting around a game talbe at the YMCA in Slovakia
YMCA Slovakia and YMCA Liptovský Mikuláš

From programming languages to game nights and TenSing activities, the hub through YMCA Slovakia and YMCA Liptovský Mikuláš provides Ukrainian and local young people with enriching experiences. The ongoing “Skills to Succeed” programmes enhance community empowerment through IT literacy, digitalisation workshops, and community activities that foster stronger connections.

Inspiring change in YMCA Boyarka

At YMCA Boyarka, hub expert George Gavrilov and the team addressed cyberbullying and emphasised data safety. Collaborating with local police, the hub now facilitates school workshops, utilising tools like the new game app Mindful Bytes to spark essential conversations on digital safety and wellbeing. These programmes offer students a chance to engage in digital mindfulness, leadership, and communication, further enriched by the “Skills to Succeed” sessions.

Fostering leadership in YMCA Volyn

Two young people at a desk at YMCA Zdolbuniv
YMCA Zdolbuniv

The eDU Hub at YMCA Volyn, Lutsk, Ukraine, has launched “The Leadership School” in collaboration with a local technical high school. This initiative provides vital training in public speaking, communication and effective team building, laying the groundwork for future leaders.

Empowering professionals in YMCA Zdolbuniv

In partnership with the Zdolbuniv Vocational Pedagogical College, YMCA Zdolbuniv conducted workshops on time management and financial literacy for aspiring hairdressers, covering skills like effective planning and budgeting techniques.

Skills to Succeed Academy

The Skills to Succeed Academy, developed by Accenture, is a free online training programme to equip learners with the skills and confidence for smart career choices and workplace success. Designed to cater to job seekers, the Academy offers 36 interactive modules covering the journey from career selection to job success. Learn more.  

Through these initiatives, YMCA, with the support of the Accenture Foundation, is making significant strides in connecting communities, enhancing skill sets, and supporting wellbeing. 

Skills to Succeed Academy