YMCA building in Gaza City hit

Date: 18 December 2023

World YMCA issues a further statement on the Israel-Palestine crisis:


The global YMCA Movement responds to the shocking media bulletins which confirm that the YMCA building in Gaza City was bombarded on Saturday 17 December 2023, with reports of loss of life and injury.

In these last weeks, the building and its nearby churches have been a place of shelter for hundreds of people since the attacks on Gaza started in October.  The YMCA has always been a place of welcome, service – and opportunity – for everyone in its community.

The World YMCA strongly condemns this horrific attack on civilians and calls on the Israeli government  to stop its acts of indiscriminate violence which can only deepen division and which are causing such trauma. Violence begets violence.  End it now.

At Christmas time, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, we continue to pray – to plead – for peace in people’s hearts.

We also invite everyone to join us in prayer for the souls of those who were victims of the armed forces, as well as for the health of those who were wounded in this attack.

We continue to try and make contact with our colleagues in Gaza. YMCA National Movements worldwide are on standby to act together as part of the humanitarian effort to rebuild shattered lives in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank.