YMCA India: Promoting wellbeing and unity

Date: 19 March 2024

In an ongoing commitment to nurture healthier and more united communities, YMCAs across India have been at the forefront of organising impactful events and programmes. These initiatives, ranging from seminars on health and healthy living to sports tournaments and health camps, are designed to engage and benefit people of all ages. 

By focusing on physical wellness, mental health, and unity, these events reflect the YMCA’s global mission of empowering young people and communities around YMCA Vision 2030 and the first Pillar of Community Wellbeing. Here’s a closer look:

Healthy living seminar by Western India YMCA

The Western India Regional YMCA (WIRY) hosted a Health and Healthy Living Seminar at Miraj YMCA from 23-25  February, aiming to promote overall wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. Spearheaded by Ramesh Babu, Regional Secretary of WIRY, and Dr. Deepak Kamle, President of Miraj YMCA, the seminar offered insights into health and wellness. Participants received information on nutrition, fitness, and mental health, inspiring them to foster healthier communities within the region. 


Central India YMCA’s badminton tournament

In February, the Central India Region of YMCAs organised a badminton tournament at YMCA New Bhedaghat under the theme “Unite through Sports and Games”. Approximately 250 people competed, ranging in age from 9 to 55 and participating in singles and doubles categories over two days. 

The competition not only provided a platform to encourage and identify young talents but also showcased the skills of senior athletes. It motivated participants to pursue sports at all levels and emphasised the importance of physical activity for a healthy spirit, mind and body.

The badminton tournament featured the theme of "Unite through Sports and Games”.

Northern India YMCA’s health initiative

The Northern India Regional YMCA successfully held a “Health and Healthy Living” camp hosted by Faridpur YMCA from 8-10 March. Targeting the villages of Majhua and Sakara, the camp served over 600 people, focusing on children’s and women’s health hygiene awareness, medical camps, agricultural sessions for farmers, and overall community wellbeing. 

A special session on International Women’s Day on 10 March aimed to educate women about health and hygiene. These efforts highlight the inspirational role of women in working towards goals and fostering community health.

Through these diverse programmes, YMCAs across India are demonstrating their commitment to enhancing community wellbeing, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting health and hygiene.