YMCA Lebanon provides coordinated aid to affected communities

Date: 04 April 2024

In the wake of sustained unrest in South Lebanon, characterised by daily clashes, Issam Bishara, CEO of YMCA Lebanon, reports distressing statistics: 306 fatalities, 1,200 injuries, 91,000 people displaced, and 1,500 homes lost to forest fires, affecting roughly 1,000 km² of land. These events have profoundly impacted the nation.

Issams said YMCA Lebanon has received emergency funding from several YMCAs through the World Alliance, and “we have already distributed diesel for heating, gas for cooking, canned food, milk, and bread to more than 150 families in displacement centres”.

He adds, “Our main concern now is the distribution of medications for chronic diseases. We have received and are expecting to receive large amounts for medications from the World Health Organization. However, we lack the funding for the distribution process.” 

Navigating distribution challenges

Efforts to distribute these necessary medications involve several critical steps:

  • Receiving and clearing medications at the port of arrival.
  • Entering medications into the national tracking system.
  • Conducting field visits to 512 distribution centres across the
    The number of patients who receive their medications for chronic diseases on monthly basis exceeds 200,000 people.


  • Staffing a call centre for proper control and management.
  • Preparing delivery orders at the YMCA warehouse.
  • Addressing shortages through the YMCA online system.

YMCA Lebanon estimates the cost of these initiatives over the next 12 months to be around US$400,000. With half of this amount already secured from WHO and additional sources, an urgent appeal is made for the remaining $200,000 to support the 217,000 individuals needing assistance.

All contributions can significantly impact the lives of those caught in the crisis. To support YMCA Lebanon’s vital work or for more information, please visit their website