YMCA One Million Voices Research goes global

Date: 10 December 2015

The YMCA movement has received overwhelmingly positive response to our first global research program: “YMCA One Million Voices”. 

Launches have happened around the world to share the news of the Report’s findings. So far there have been launches in England (at the House of Commons no less!), Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Cameroon – with more to come!  

One of our National country leaders tweeted:  “What a fantastic read! Such a great report”.  Our English leader, Denise Hatton, had an excellent media story in the Huffington Post:  click here

“Dare I say, even more important than great feedback from our Executive Committee and National Leaders is the feedback from young people themselves” said World YMCA Secretary General, Johan Vilhelm Eltvik. “The hashtag #giveavoiceYMCA has been alive all over the world. Our social media statistics show we have been reaching hundreds of thousands of people with this great story of what young people today need”.

“Rarely have I seen young people embrace the results and want to speak out about a research program, but this has happened with One Million Voices. Our YMCA Change Agents*, as well as many other young people outside the YMCA, are speaking out about the report and wanting it to be powerfully used and read”,  Johan said.

Some of the voices of young people commenting on the research:
“Very cool”
“Thank you World YMCA”
“This truly represents our voice, dreams and aspirations”
 “YES! We have a voice”
“The YMCA believes in the need to deliver the message of the youth! That’s what OMV is for”
 “World leaders: it is a big day for you. Today you have the opportunity to hear the voices of young people”. 

To find out more about YMCA One Million Voices – including purchasing the Report – click here.

To read more about Johan’s thoughts read his blog post click here:  
*YMCA Change Agents are young volunteers and/ or staff  from YMCAs across the world who strengthen the YMCA so the YMCA can serve more young people. They participate in leadership training and gain skills to transform their YMCA and their wider community. This is a locally based programme with global networking.

 (left) Noel, one of our YMCA Change Agents, speaking in the House of Commons … a memorable day for him, and (right) with World YMCA President, Peter Posner and fellow YMCA Change Agent Katrina.

(left) Africa and (right) Australia actively listening to the global results.

Young people speaking for young people. (left) Stewart in Edinburgh and (right) Stac in Auckland.