YMCA World Challenge 2014 – Preparations in full swing in Wales

Date: 28 February 2014


To celebrate 170 years of YMCA work, YMCA Wales is coordinating an exciting fundraising challenge this year around the YMCA World Challenge 2014. With the 6th of June being the actual 170th year anniversary date of the YMCA, 50 people will start a three day bike-ride from the birthplace of the YMCA, London, to the birthplace of the worldwide YMCA, Paris.

During the so called “Bike-Challenge” the participants will cover a distance of approximately 225 miles in order to raise funds to continue the work of YMCA Wales in local communities with young people. Their target is to reach £50.000, which will enable them to reach 500 more young people offering them hope for a better future.

One of the already registered participants is Chris Richards. Chris is 25 years old, Chairman of Trustees at YMCA in Newport  “Before I put my name down for this, I weighed in at just under 20 stone, which is 280 pounds (127 kilograms), 10 of which I have already shed in the first 9 days”, he says proudly.  He is not 100% sure, why he is so enthusiastic about the World Challenge, but as soon as it was mentioned he thought: “This is for me!” Chris explains further: “I decided this was a perfect opportunity to better my lifestyle and health as well as help young people who haven’t had the indulgences that I have experienced.”  After one week of preparation he has gone from not riding a bike for 5 years to completing his first ‘mini-milestone’ of 15 miles after day 8. Youth empowerment in action.  In between his work and his workout he is trying to raise £3000 for the good cause of the project. If you want to become a sponsor or support Chris fundraising-efforts in any other way, just visit him on Facebook “It will be great to take part in the World Challenge this way and the aim and purpose of the event is what drives me to give that extra ten percent,” he describes.

“We are still looking for participants, who have an adventurous spirit”, Angela Lewis from YMCA Wales indicates. If you are interested, register for the Challenge via Angela (angela@ymcawales.co.uk) at YMCA Wales, Suite A, Poplar house, Tawe Business Village, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9LA or ring the YMCA Wales office on 01792 792642. The bike-challenge is part of YMCA Wales’ health and wellbeing campaign, getting people active.

If you’re inspired to start your own event, join the 11,200 local YMCA associations and partner organisations that are invited to host a variety of youth-focused activities in their communities where they will celebrate young people, their life changing stories and key role in society.

There will be a wide variety of events such as sports competitions, family gatherings, concerts, lectures and so on but, one common activity will be crosscutting of all World Challenge events on this day –collecting signatures for a global declaration that calls for widespread support of youth: ‘I stand up for young people and I want their voice to be heard’.

Get more information and register your event at : challenge.ymca.int