YMCA World Challenge 2015 and Guiness World Record Attempt

Date: 03 June 2015

Saturday’s June 6th – YMCA World Challenge 2015

Final Message from Johan    

The excitement is building around this Saturday’s YMCA World Challenge. Events are taking place in more than 50 countries and well over 100 locations.
The World Challenge is a little bit like the YMCA: we will be united around kicking goals for youth empowerment but each YMCA participates in slightly different ways.
Here’s the final 3 things you need to know and do;
1.   On the day:  (Saturday 6th of June)
Make sure someone is sharing the great events by uploading photos and videos to photo@ymca.int. These will be shared through our media streams. 
Don’t forget the social media and the event’s hashtag –  #ymcawc2015on Facebook (World YMCA), Twitter (@worldYMCA) and Instagram (World YMCA).                      
2.    Immediately after your event
Send an email to challenge@ymca.int with this information so we can share the story wide;
                             i.        Location of your event (eg.  Geneva, Switzerland)
                           ii.        How many people were involved
                         iii.        Share photos, media coverage and great stories!
3.   Have fun!
Enjoy being part of the world’s biggest youth movement, celebrating our 171st birthday and delighting in sharing the amazing work your YMCA is doing in your local communities.

Australia_Challenge 2
We are already seeing some great media coverage (like this one) and hearing of some very exciting events.
Please enjoy the day and follow the social media to see it unfold around the world. Thank you for sharing the great stories of your YMCA with your local community … and the world.
Have a great YMCA World Challenge,
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General – World YMCA

 For further information or questions:
email:          challenge@ymca.int
twitter:       #ymcawc2015    

YMCA World Challenge 2015 – Resources

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