YMCA World Challenge 2017

Date: 14 March 2017

YMCA World Challenge 2017 – Empowering young people through basketball

 What is it?

Our annual event to mobilise the YMCA movement to share their great impact with local communities.

Each year in the first week of June (celebrating George Williams’ birthday)  YMCA’s from around the world celebrate the impact they create in their local community.  In previous years the global YMCA movement has attempted to break records, signed petitions, and many basketballs and footballs have been involved!

Why we do it…

This is the movement’s opportunity to invite people to connect to the global movement through showing all of the great things that happen in their local movements and community.Our goals are:• To raise awareness• To invite others to join us• To speak of our mission• To celebrate our 173rd birthday!


Launch: The 2017 World Challenge will be ‘empowering young people through sport’. Think: YMCAs are invited to consider how they will participate in the first week of June, 2017. Create:  A plan for how your YMCA can share with your local communities.

Who does what?

National and Local levels:  All movements at all levels are invited to organise a local event or adopt planned activities to take part in World Challenge 2017

Area levels: Can offer support or area level co-ordinations for activities happening at national or local level.

Global level: The World YMCA will provide guidance and resources to support and enhance communication of activities happening as part of World Challenge 2017.  The global movement will also encourage online engagement through social media and website platforms.

Further information: Andrew McKenzie  andrew@ymca.int