Addressing institutional racism

Date: 29 October 2020

Addressing institutional racism is a matter of universal justice, says World YMCA

World YMCA welcomes a report published today by YMCA England and Wales entitled ‘Young and Black’, which sets out young black people’s perceptions of institutional racism in the UK today.

World YMCA’s Secretary General Carlos Sanvee says:

“I congratulate the YMCA of England and Wales for embracing this complex topic. Addressing institutional racism is not a favour to Africans and people of African descent. It’s a duty to the entire world, because it’s a matter of justice and ethics, which are universal.  A world without institutional racism will be a better place to live for everyone, everywhere.” 

In June, as part of World YMCA’s ‘Youth Voices’ series designed to hear young people’s concerns in 2020 about Covid and more, and their hopes for the years to come, it convened a debate on A Future without Racism, and shared information on anti-racism resources.

The ‘Young and Black’ report looks at a number of important areas – notably education, police/crime, health, employment, and finance. It has been led by members of the BAME (Black and Ethnic Minority) Youth Advisory Group: its conclusions follow outcomes of the research and surveys led by them.

The foreword to the report cites ‘the shocking, depressing and frank nature of what it is like to be young and Black’. It says: ‘It is institutions themselves that are perpetuating a culture of prejudice, discrimination and exclusivity. What struck us most was the sheer level of acceptance but also exhaustion in the Black community.’