Youth-Led Solutions Summit on the Future of Work!

Date: 11 May 2021

A generation of opportunity lost to Covid?
No, there are new ways of working for young people


The Future of Work Summit, 7-9 June – register now

Registration is open until 5 June 2021 for the 7- 9 June 2021 YMCA Youth-Led Solutions Summit on the Future of Work.

Speaking today, World YMCA Secretary-General Carlos Sanvee said: “We’re a month away from a major global event designed to allow young people to explore new pathways to employment and entrepreneurship. This is an issue for all, and all are invited to take part.”

The world of work is in crisis, he said, citing ILO research that one in six young people has stopped working since the Coronavirus pandemic began. But technology, climate change and demographic shifts – coupled with an emerging post-Covid policy re-set by governments, businesses and societies alike – mean that the world of work is also changing.

“And changing for the better”, he went on.  “So this Summit brings insight and opportunity in three key emerging areas: the green economy, the care economy, and the creative economy.


Join us to explore new employment pathways for young people in the green, care and creative economies – this is a global summit for a global imperative!


‘What’s new about another online global event?’

Two things.

1. First, the quality of the  programme and those who  will deliver it. 

We mix plenary debate with  breakout sessions, and add space for networking one-to-one or in groups. We also make available a host of resources and training materials, all housed on the event platform.

We’ve assembled exceptional experts from the International Labour Organization’s Decent Jobs for Youth, Junior Achievement, MIT Solve, Circulate Capital, the Aspen Institute’s Global Opportunity Youth Network, European Social Partners, the University of San Francisco, The Geneva Graduate Institute’s Thinking Ahead on Societal Change, African Ecological Futures, Y Care International, Global Shapers Community, Kane Communications Group, the European Trade Union Confederation, the European Youth Forum, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Salesforce, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Creative Economy Programme, Jobzmall and Edelman… and more. We’re still finalising the programme.

It’s an opportunity not just to hear, but to be heard. We prize dialogue and debate.

2. And second, the quality and the possibility of what comes after the Summit.  

What is unique about the YMCA Youth-Led Solutions Initiative is that we equip young people to go out and form their own Solutions Teams to address employment challenges in their own communities, and apply for seed-funding to launch them.

It’s why we ask registrants to attend two-thirds of the event – which is 12 hours in total – to be eligible to apply for seed-funding, and to receive a certificate formally acknowledging their practical commitment to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Earlier this year, YMCA launched a series of micro-projects in 20 countries worldwide after the first Youth-Led Solutions Summit held in October 2020, which focussed on young people taking climate action to combat climate change.

So young people are already ‘being the change they want to see’.  We will do the same again with this Future of Work summit, launching jobs initiatives proposed and run by young people themselves.




Find out more about the Youth-led Solutions Initiative


Who can participate in the Virtual Summit?

Youth employment is an issue for all, and all are invited.
First and foremost, that means young leaders, aged 15 to 35, from anywhere across the globe, with or without YMCA affiliation.
It also means educators, activists, business leaders, policymakers, indigenous communities, philanthropists, artists, influencers, NGO staff, volunteers and community members: you are all invited to join.

Registration has been open from 21 April.


Share your support!

When you register, encourage others in your network to do so. Please share the event information on social media, using #YMCAYouthLedSolutions with the images below.