20th World Council: ‘See you soon, dear friends’

Date: 25 June 2022

It’s almost here! The start of the 20th World Council is only days away, and we are all eager to come together again.

Held 3-9 July in Aarhus, Denmark, World Council connects the global YMCA movement in person and online for the first ever hybrid event. More than 2,100 attendees are registered – 1,100+ in person, 1,000+ online and 70 Movements – making it the largest and most inclusive World Council yet.

World YMCA Secretary-General Carlos Sanvee said he looks forward to welcoming delegates in person and online. “This is our time to come and ignite the change we want to see in our communities and our world.”

Ignite is the theme of this year’s World Council. As we look toward the anticipated adoption of Vision 2030, World Council is the moment when “we’re going to provide the spark, the flame, the combustion to ‘Ignite’ and take the Movement forward,” and make the YMCA the go-to partner for youth empowerment, said Carlos Sanvee.

As 3 July approaches, delegates are using the event hashtag #YMCAignite2022 on their social media to share their excitement about connecting and collaborating with colleagues. Among the posts and tweets:

Trang Truong-Hill, YMCA of the USA: About working as part of a Co-Lab team: “Together we will explore & develop solutions to challenges & best practice examples from around the world.”

Jessica Stepic Lue, YMCA Canada: “Delegates will come together and bring to life the 12 goals across 4 shared priorities in #YMCAvision2030. Making YMCA history!”

Kerry Reilly, YMCA Scotland: “Looking forward to seeing this (Co-Lab) methodology ignite and inspire.”

Annette Daly, YMCA England & Wales: Shared images of her YMCA delegate shirt and said, “Will wear with pride.”

The Y Australia: “There has never been a more important time for the Y – globally, nationally and locally – to come together and ignite action for a better future for young people living in an increasingly complex world.”

World Council features a robust hybrid programme, with exclusive features for online participants and opportunities for in-person attendees to experience the Danish culture. There are many resources to help attendees navigate World Council before, during and even after the event:

Guidebook: The newly released guide is a complete resource for everything at World Council. Along with the programme schedule and speakers, it includes practical information for those travelling to Arhaus, technology information, and much more! Bookmark it online for easy reference or download the PDF.

Websites: The World YMCA and World Council websites are continually updated with news and information. 

World Council News 1-8: Since November, a monthly e-newsletter has recapped the latest news. All issues are available online, and the most recent issue includes updated speaker information, webinar links and the Guidebook. 

Platforms: In-person attendees will want to download the mobile app, and online participants will follow the event on the Attendee Hub. 

  • App: Available this week, the app provides instant access to key event details, upcoming sessions as well as a survey. In addition, it has push notifications for real-time information updates.
  • Attendee Hub: Online participants will receive an email invitation to the Hub. Make sure web browsers are up to date; viewing is intended for desktop and laptop computers; viewing on a mobile phone is not recommended. 

Social media: Follow World YMCA on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news, and use the hashtag #YMCAignite2022 when posting about your World Council experience. 

For questions not found on these resources, please contact the World YMCA team at worldcouncil@ymca.int

Whether your journey to Aarhus is from the laptop in your living room, a 5-

hour train ride across Europe, or a 29-hour voyage as it is for Y Australia delegate Laurice Temple, we are all eager to reconnect and reunite. 

Said Carlos Sanvee, “I can’t wait until we meet again after four years – some difficult years, but we have been resilient. See you soon, dear friends.”