Launch of the BetterTogether Programme

World YMCA is partnering with Goodwall to launch the BetterTogether programme in response to COVID-19 youth jobs crisis

The pandemic has severely hit young people. They face unemployment, economic crisis and uncertainties as for their future. But we also know that young people are full of resources, ideas and creativity when it comes to collectively find solutions. This is why we are launching the BetterTogether initiative with Goodwall, to give an opportunity to young leaders, innovators and dreamers to share their ideas and actions for a better future.

Message from the Secretary General, Carlos Sanvee

How does it work?

Starting 1st August 2020, during five weeks, you are invited to join our learning and entrepreneurial challenges. For each challenge:

  • You can pitch your ideas and initiatives
  • You can vote for the best submission
  • You will learn from keynote professional experts

You will be given a chance to inspire and to be inspired.

How to Participate

1.Download the Goodwall Community App

2.Each week, complete the challenge

3. Full Programs, Challenges, Speakers >>>