Donate to the Emergency Fund for Staff and Retirees (Secours Spéciaux)

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What is the Fund for?

To provide financial support to YMCA staff (active or retired) and/or their dependants, who are facing personal hardship and emergencies such as medical bills, the impact of natural disasters, inadequate or no pension, problems created by political turmoil, and human rights violations.

Why help?

Unfortunately, there are still many countries where there is virtually no pension or medical provision, so retired colleagues, who may have given a lifetime of service to the YMCA, live in poverty. Others, who may be suffering from life-threatening illnesses, cannot afford medical treatment.

Inequalities around the world continue to grow. Conflict, political upheaval, and natural disasters are widespread. YMCA staff, retirees and their families can lose their homes and may need to flee, as refugees, to another country.

The Emergency Fund (Secours Spéciaux) has given support in all these situations. In particular, financial support has been given to almost 100 YMCA retirees affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

The Fund relies on contributions from the worldwide YMCA family to continue this important humanitarian work.

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