YMCAs worldwide adopt Vision 2030 into their strategic plans

Date: 16 December 2022

As 2022 winds to a close, momentum for YMCA Vision 2030 is steadily building as we look to the new year. 

It has been nearly six months since the YMCA Movement adopted the collaborative Mission and Vision at the 20th World Council in Aarhus, Denmark. We have made continual progress at all levels, from the World YMCA to the Area Alliances and National Movements. Since July:

  • A group of 25 people met in September in Leysin, Switzerland, to outline a roadmap to 2030. 
  • In October, the World YMCA Executive Committee voted to endorse the YMCA Vision 2030 Implementation Framework.
  • The following month, the World YMCA launched the YMCA Vision 2030 Practical Guide for YMCAs. The guide includes steps on implementation, activation and a high-level roadmap to 2030. 
  • Area Alliances and National Movements have begun adopting Vision 2030 into their strategies.

As outlined in the Practical Guide, YMCAs must decide how they adapt to YMCA Vision 2030 and reflect this in their strategies. Movements across the globe are holding year-end meetings to determine their plans for next year and beyond. Many have made formal adoptions or scheduled further conversations. 

“YMCAs are asking good questions, important questions about Vision 2030. They are making it their own as they adopt it in their strategic plans. That is very exciting”, said Word YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee. “Following the exhilaration of adopting Vision 2030 at World Council, we returned home to face the reality of the hard work. YMCAs are addressing these challenges and providing inspiration for us all”.

YMCA of the Philippines leaders held a workshop on Vision 2030.

Among the YMCAs who have adopted Vision 2030:

YMCA Scotland

This summer, YMCA Scotland approved a new Strategic Plan aligned with the World YMCA Vision 2030.  The plan, which goes through 2026, was developed in consultation with local YMCAs across Scotland.

YMCA of the Philippines

At its National Council Meeting on 13-14 November, the YMCA of the Philippines held a Vision 2030 workshop. Leaders will use results in its strategic planning next year. The Council approved a resolution related to its support for Vision 2030, where all local YMCAs pledged their commitment. 

YMCA Ireland 

A highlight of the Annual General Meeting held on 18-19 November was the adoption of YMCA Vision 2030 into the new National Strategic Plan.  In comments in the published plan, YMCA Ireland National Secretary John Peacock writes: “The speed of change in the world around us is challenging. We are committed to making bold strides forward for the sake of those we serve” and bringing Vision 2030 to life. 

YMCA Germany and NGS Forum

NGS attendees extended full support for Vision 2030.

At the 9th National General Secretary’s (NGS) Forum in Brussels, Belgium, 21-23 November, Carlos Sanvee and World YMCA strategy leader Razvan-Victor Sassu presented the Practical Guide amid a robust discussion. YMCA Germany, which discussed Vision 2030 at its general meeting in October, has adopted it into its strategy. The NGS attendees extended full support for Vision 2030 and will hold an extraordinary General Assembly to offer formal approval. 

The Y Australia

At its Intergenerational Forum on 25 November 2022, Y Australia Chief Executive Tal Karp led a discussion on its new global strategy. Attending virtually, Carlos Sanvee thanked Y Australia leaders for their work and commitment to adopting Vision 2030. 

Other local and national movements, such as the YMCA of San Francisco (US), partners such as Y Global Norway, and Area Alliances have embraced Vision 2030. YMCA Canada has just adopted its strategy aligned with Vision 2030. And the African Movement will collectively adopt it pending the adoption of its own strategy next summer. We will soon know more about where other YMCAs are in the process. Accordingly, look for a mapping tool to be sent soon.  

“It fills me with joy to see so many early adopters,” Carlos Sanvee said. “I’m thankful for all who have taken the next step. I look forward to walking with every YMCA along our Vision 2030 journey.”